Introducing solids

Introducing tiny tummies to solids is a milestone that needs patience and the right ingredients.

Their digestive systems are still developing so to help smooth your baby's transition from breast milk and/or formula, to including solids as well, there are a range of specially formulated products on the market.

This includes baby yogurts which are designed for babies aged six months and older.

Baby yogurts can have a unique mix of proteins that more closely resembles the protein composition of breast milk and premium infant formulas, compared with regular cow's milk. They are developed to help ease digestion by tiny tummies.

Baby yogurts can also offer essential nutrients, such as dairy calcium for building strong bones, whey protein - a source of essential amino acids required for growth, and active cultures to help little tummies stay healthy.

Look out for baby yogurts with no added sugar so that your little one is less encouraged to develop a sweet tooth. Alternatively buy plain baby yogurt and add fresh fruit for natural sweetness.

Baby yogurts are often thicker than most regular adult yogurts, providing a smooth spoon-hugging consistency which makes them easier to feed and swallow. This texture can also encourage toddlers to learn to feed themselves when the time is right.

To help make mealtimes and introducing solids to your little one tasty and fun, why not also try these serving ideas from Accredited Practicing Dietitian Kate Di Prima:

  1. Help your baby get to grips with feeding! Cut a banana or peeled pear into sticks for your baby to dip into baby yogurt;
  2. Stew apple, apricot, pear and prunes, and add 2 tablespoons of vanilla baby yogurt to 1 tablespoon of stewed fruit for a delicious tummy time snack.
  3. Mash avocado and banana together and add to vanilla baby yogurt
  4. Blend baby yogurt with grated apple and carrot for younger babies or chopped sultanas and chopped dried apricots for older babies and toddlers
  5. Use baby yogurt as a sauce or spread over pikelets, mini muffins or fruit toast instead of margarine
  6. Blend fresh fruit through vanilla baby yogurt and freeze for warm days
  7. Add gelatine to banana baby yogurt and place it in a mould in the fridge to give it shape and firmness.

Specially formulated baby yogurts, such as Baby Yoplait, are a versatile and nutritious first food, popular with both mums and tiny tummies.