Great Stuff - Top Ten Toys for Boys and Girls

With Christmas soooooooooo close, this month’s Top Ten Toys for Boys and Girls includes over 50 fabulous giveaways. Computer and TV Games, Beads, Blocks, Dora, Spiderman – you name it – something for all ages!


Gifts for Girls


Hola - So you think you can Dance Dora? Dress ‘N Dance Dora Doll NEW from Fisher-Price®

The new ‘Dress ‘N Dance Dora’ doll from Fisher-Price® does it all; from ballet to the spectacular national Spanish Dance - the Meringue. Push her necklace and Dora dances, sings and teaches phrases in English and Spanish. Change her dress and Dora knows which dance to perform, with a special outfit and accessories for each dance.

When Dora wears her fiesta dress she shakes her hips, arms and head to the special Spanish song. Change her costume to a tutu and the ‘Dress ‘N Dance Dora’ doll magically knows which dance to perform and will raise her arms and twirl to a beautiful classic song, whilst encouraging children to join in – a true performer!

When Dora is set to take to the stage at Fiesta time, her purple and pink satin two piece dress with flowing sleeves and jewellery will wow her audience with her catch cry, “iVamos a bailar!” meaning in English “Let’s dance!”.

5 fabulous Dora the Explorers to giveaway



Make Beados EVERYWHERE! …with the Beados Travel Pack

In the car, on the plane, in the bus, or on the train; make your Beados creations ‘on the move’ with the Beados Travel pack!

Specially designed drawer that catches any beads you spill!! When you have finished, store all your creations and Beados accessories securely in the secret drawer. Packing up is just so quick, easy and mess free!

The Beados Travel Pack also comes with a combined tweezer pen and mini sprayer! Use the tweezer pen to place your beads on the tray, and then spray with the mini sprayer to set them in place! Check out the six cool bead colours and awesome template designs that are heaps of fun to create!

For more information contact Stefanie Prawdzic on 03 9579 7377 or email

4 great Beados Travel Packs to giveaway



Gorgeous Bracelets for Girls by Mon Tresor

Beautiful and sweet handmade bracelets for girls- the latest Princess Collection by Mon Tresor is a must have accessory for your little darling. Made with creamy glass pearls, silver plated charms and coloured beads, all strung on a stretch floss to ensure a perfect fit!  Sweet, posh and very chic.

For further information or for stockists please contact Suzanna or visit our website at

4 beautiful bracelets and hairbows to giveaway


Chou Chou

Chou Chou’s Teething - Watch Her Teeth Really Grow!

Just like a real baby, Chou Chou has reached an important milestone – she’s cutting her first teeth! To soothe those sore gums, offer Chou Chou a teething ring for her to happily chew on. But watch out if her cheeks turn red and she starts to cry!

To ease the pain, offer Chou Chou her dummy but if she’s still crying remove the dummy and you’ll be surprised to see her first teeth have just arrived!

More than just child’s play, Chou Chou My First Tooth is a gorgeous little baby you can care for. Just like a real baby, she giggles when you tickle her tummy and she makes drinking sounds when you feed her a bottle.

Chou Chou My First Tooth comes with a teething ring, baby bottle and magic dummy and is available now in all major retailers and independent toy stores. For customer enquiries or stockist information please contact Funtastic’s free-call Customer Care Line on 1800 244 543.

2 fabulous Chou Chou my First Tooth Dolls to giveaway



Heelarious High Heel Booties

Girly Gadgets has recently launched its Little Ones range of colourful and fun high heel baby booties. Designed and manufactured by Heelarious, these booties will turn your baby girl into a little glamour puss! The high heel booties come in a range of colours and designs including leopard, satin pink, black patent and zebra.

All gift orders are gift wrapped in gorgeous pink boxes with white satin bows and delivered to your home anywhere in Australia. is an online gift store for girly mums

1 fabulous pairs of Heelarious High Heel Booties to giveaway (0-6 sz)


Dora Kideo

Kideos – Dora the Explorer

New to Australia and just in time for Christmas, Kideos will delight and entertain children of all ages. Your child’s face is on one of the characters and features significantly in the DVD. Other characters speak your child’s name, interact with them throughout the story and sing and dance along with them. The DVD even comes with your child’s name on the cover.

Ordering can be done online by uploading a photo of your child or you can post in a head shot of your child and in five to ten working days the high quality, finished product is posted back to you.

Visit to see some trailers and try a picture for free to see how your little one looks with Barney, Spiderman, Dora the Explorer, Gregory or the Baby Genius cast.

1 Girls Dora the Explorer Kideo to giveaway



Lilbird - A little birdie told me!

The Lilbird range of way-too-cute bub clothes arrives in its own little papier-mâché egg, making them an irresistible gift.

Particularly popular are the Lilbird Ruffle Bottom Onesie and the Chicken & Egg Twin Onesie which includes two grow suits; one with a hand stitched egg and the other a cute little chicken (which to wear first?!). The Lilbird Tiara design Onesie and t-shirt is sure to be loved by every little princess and boys will look delicious in the Vintage Car shirt.

Lilbird eggs arrive in a complimentary box nestled in a paper nest, making them a really gorgeous gift for (just hatched) new bubs and mums to be.

The Lilbird range is made in L.A. and San Francisco and is exclusive to Check out the whole adorable range today.

2 fabulous units to giveaway


cabbage patch kids

Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Cabbage Patch Kids

This year marks the 25th Birthday of the Cabbage Patch Kids, and to celebrate, the Originals are back!

Featuring all the original Kids’ expressions, face sculpts, hairstyles, names and fashions, along with a retro birth certificate and adoption papers, these Kids will really remind you of your Kid of yesteryear.

The 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kids range will also be made exactly the way they used to be. And each 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kid comes with a special Silver Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kids’ Silver Spoon.

Adopting a 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kid will be like capturing a piece of toy history for kids and collectors alike.

For enquiries free-call Customer Care Line on 1800 244 543

E: or

4 gorgeous Cabbage Patch Kids to giveaway


fifi phone

Fifi and the Flowertots – Come Out and Play!

Fifi is a mischievous and inquisitive young Flowertot, who inhabits a colourful garden world. From growing flowers to making jam tarts, every day provides endless opportunities for fun and adventure for the energetic and forgetful young Fifi and her best friend Bumble.

Oh, what’s that sound? It’s your Fifi Phone (rrp: $14.99) ringing from Fifi and the Flowertots at the bottom of the garden. With over 20 phrases, you never know who could be calling you from Fifi Central!

For enquiries contact Funtastic’s Customer Care Line on 1800 244 543.

E: or

5 fabulous Fifi Phones to giveaway


garden glitz

Grow your own Enchanted Garden with Garden Girlz

Nominated as Australian Girls Toy of the Year for 2008, Garden Girlz playsets bring the outside inside and fulfill every girl’s dream of growing their very own enchanted garden.

Rose Bud’s Cottage - always dreamed of having a garden party, well welcome to Rose Bud’s Cottage. A cute compact abode owned by Rosie Bud who loves to sing, dance, play and make new friends. Even the hardest flowers bloom when they hear her sweet tunes.

Rosie inspires her new friends to grow a real garden in just seven days. Sets are complete with cottage, characters, two packed of real seeds, pretend flowers, watering can and stickers galore to embellish your cottage.

Soon all your seeds will grow and your garden will be blooming like the Chelsea Flower Show.

Strockist information please contact Funtastic’s free-call Customer Care Line on 1800 244 543 or email Annalese Fowler

4 Great Rosebud Cottages to giveaway


Gifts for boys

fish bank

Get your child ‘hooked on saving’ with new Fish Bank!

Winner of the 2008 ATA Australian Development Award-there’s no other product like it!

Saving has never been more fun! Each time a coin is deposited into the Fish Bank, your child will be rewarded with new animations and features that unlock! Gil keeps count of your child’s savings, plays with his friends, keeps his home clean, and needs feeding!

Fish Bank also helps children develop counting skills! With Gil’s help, they will learn to count how many coins they need to reach their saving goals! This toy is not only fun, it’s educational!

For more information or images, please contact: Stefanie Prawdzic on 03 9579 7377 or email

2 wonderful Fish Banks to giveaway




Get ready for a whole new craze as kids all over Australia go wacko for new Bloco from Colorific!

This unique new collection depicts fun, big-eyed critters made from high-density foam and plastic connectors. Pieces link together and rotate at any angle, so it’s easy for children to build fantastic 3D models.

Each Bloco kit provides guidance through illustrated assembly designs and allows a child the freedom to let their imagination run wild by making individual and unique creatures.

Email: Web:

3 Bloco Craft Sets to giveaway


superman kideo


New to Australia and just in time for Christmas, Kideos will delight and entertain children of all ages. Your child’s face is on one of the characters and features significantly in the DVD. Other characters speak your child’s name, interact with them throughout the story and sing and dance along with them. The DVD even comes with your child’s name on the cover.

Visit to see some trailers and try a picture for free to see how your little one looks with Barney, Spiderman, Dora the Explorer, Gregory or the Baby Genius cast.

Kideos are available at, Major Retailers and Photographic Stores.

1 Boy Spiderman Kideo to giveaway


Night Guardians

Night Guardians - The Defenders of Dreamtime

Night Guardians to the rescue! Skye and Thayer are defenders of dreamtime, slayers of the dreaded bogey man and night monsters that lurk in those dark places at night. Night Guardians are cuddly plush characters whose sole responsibility is to help children feel safe at night when they go to bed.

Each plush character - ‘Thayer’ for boys and ‘Skye’ for girls - comes with three remote control sun crystals that a child can activate remotely by pressing the dolls’ paw. The sun crystal lights can be scattered around the room and placed in those dark spots that keep children awake at night – like under the bed, on top of the wardrobe or tucked in a dark corner.

The Night Guardian also verbally reassures the child by quietly saying – ‘Room is secure, sleep tight’.

For stockist information please contact Funtastic’s Line on 1800 244 543.

1x Skye and 1x Thayer Night Guardian to giveaway



Limited only by imagination!

The award winning*, Swiss designed Bilibo encourages children to use their imaginations. The possibilities are endless; rock in it, spin in it, sit in it, hide under it. Turn it over and it becomes a turtle shell. Kids can use the Bilibo as a bucket or a seat. They can lift their hands and feet in the air and see how long they can balance. The Bilibo is so simple it gets little minds ticking immediately.

The Bilibo is not only great at home, but it’s also great at the park, at the beach and in water. Take it to the snow and it becomes a toboggan. You won’t hear the dreaded “I’m bored” with a Bilibo around!

The Bilibo is made from high-density polyethylene which is non-toxic, shock and fade resistant and is 100% recyclable. It comes in green, blue, red, yellow, orange and pink. It’s available from

2 fabulous Bilibos to giveaway



The New Wiggly, Wonderful, Wiggles Wange!

Ahoy there my hearty! The Wiggle and Giggle Feathersword lets kids pretend to be Captain Feathersword.

Let kids create their own music with the Wiggles Sing & Play Guitar. With original music notes and guitar keys that really turn, kids will be imagining they’re on stage performing with the Wiggles. It includes an awesome 22 Wiggles sounds with 8 Wiggles songs, 4 Wiggles character phrases and heaps more!

For more information email: or

2 fabulous Ultimate Sing & Wiggle Guitars to giveaway.


Leapster Game

Leap Ahead with the new Leapster Gaming System

LeapFrog is leaping ahead with the launch of its new Leapster 2 handheld gaming system. An advanced version of the original with its sleek new form, Leapster 2 delivers on the go fun and learning with added online benefits for children aged 4-8 years.

With the largest library of educational titles and well-known characters including Star Wars: Jedi Math, Wall-E, Disney Princess, and Dora the Explorer, kids will be entertained for hours.

Leapster 2 offers children born into this techno generation the entertainment of video gaming, while assuring parents and teachers their kids are playing with the award-winning educational content that only LeapFrog can provide.

For customer enquiries or more stockist information 1800 244 543.

E: or

2 fantastic Leapster Unit and title to giveaway


Winnie the Pooh DVD

Pooh, Tigger, Mickey and friends in Disney’s newest range of Playhouse Disney DVDs!

Come and celebrate with family favourites Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Mickey Mouse in the latest additions to the Playhouse Disney range providing plenty of excitement, fun and discovery for 2–5 year olds just in time for Christmas!

Children can learn about solving age-appropriate puzzles and tasks, work with numbers and identifying shapes all while having fun with Mickey and the team!

Embracing storytelling, engaging music, playful learning, lovable characters and great bonus features including additional episodes, the new range of Playhouse Disney DVDs are sure to make the perfect stocking filler this Christmas!

Our website, can provide all the information you need. You can view a calendar of releases, obtain product information or contact Jonah Lawang on 03 9832 6000 or via email

4 Fabulous Disney DVDs to giveaway


Alphabet Cards

Corban & Blair – Alphabet Cards

Alphabet Cards by Corban & Blair make a great early learning toy for children 1 year and up.

With these bright and colourful puzzle cards, learning your ABC is a snap. These beautifully illustrated cards are a great way to initiate the learning of ABC's, reading, writing and comprehension. Use them as flip cards or play snap with your special little someone.

4 fabulous sets to giveaway



Welcome to the world of CI BOYS!

Welcome to the world of designer toys, welcome to the world of CI BOYS! Pop them in your pocket, trade them with friends, collect them all! Join the phenomenon that is CI BOYS!

So what are CI BOYS? From the makers of Australia’s #1 plush collectable, Skansen, comes 9 trendy and troublesome ‘RED MAGIC’ 2 inch PVC character figurines - Deri, Nomi, Hiro, Poka, Go, Migu, To-7, X-cite and Uni.

The CI BOYS (translated to mean naughty boys) are always getting into mischief and causing trouble on their different adventures.

Why are CI BOYS in such hot demand? Packaged in individual sealed boxes, the designs of these cheeky boys are not revealed until you open them up – discovering which one you will get is part of the fun - make them a true collectable!

For stockist enquiries visit or phone 1800 063 664.

5 fabulous CI BOYS packs to giveaway



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