pregnant womanRachael and Ian wanted to start trying for a baby not long after they were married. They knew that they would have to make some lifestyle changes to prepare for parenthood, so they both gave up alcohol and caffeine and Rachael started taking Elevit, a once-daily vitamin and mineral supplement for pregnancy.

Rachael and Ian tried repeatedly to fall pregnant, however after an unsuccessful year they decided to have some tests done. Unfortunately, the tests confirmed that Ian had a low sperm count so they decided to try IVF. Their fertility doctor suggested that Ian start taking Menevit to help boost his sperm
quality. Although they hadn’t heard of Menevit before, Rachael and Ian did some research about the antioxidant supplement at and Ian began taking Menevit the following day.

By June, following two unsuccessful IVF procedures, Rachael and Ian decided to take a break from IVF, while Rachael continued on Elevit and Ian continued taking Menevit. One month after stopping IVF, Rachael and Ian received the news they had been waiting for.

Rachael says “We were absolutely delighted – after 18 months of trying, we were pregnant naturally and only six months after Ian began taking Menevit!”

Rachael and Ian recall points along the way when they remember feeling stressed and pressured about the baby making process and also times when they began to consider other options.

The couple believes that information was hard to find when they were experiencing difficulties in falling pregnant, despite knowing there are many things parents-to-be can do to ensure they give their baby the best start in life. They explain some of their best tips to other parents-to-be:
  • Alcohol and caffeine need to be removed from your diet
  • Exercise is great for the body and mind
  • Take a supplement such as Menevit for men
  • Take a supplement such as Elevit for women
  • Get enough sleep to encourage general health
  • Remember to stay positive
  • Visit other hints and tips.
Rachael and Ian would recommend Menevit to others and know there is absolutely no doubt they will use Menevit when they try for their next baby.

Rachael and Ian’s baby girl Cassidy was born on the 28th of April 2009 and is already three months old.

Ian says “We have been blessed with an angel. Cassidy is such a good baby and sleeps soundly almost every night. Now that Cassidy has arrived, Rachael and I are much more relaxed – Cassidy has brought us closer together. She is such a happy baby and our little angel.”

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