Smarter Back to School Shopping

schoolgirlFive tricks to smarter back to school shopping

The annual back to school shopping frenzy has begun as parents and kids prepare for the 2010 school year with new uniforms, school shoes and stationery supplies topping shopping lists across Australia. To help make your dollar count for more this school year, the back to school specialists at Officeworks have listed the top five ways to save time and money on your back to school shopping.

1. Make a list and stick to it
Start your back to school shopping with a game plan by using the recommended or required supplies list from your child's teacher or school as a framework. Ensure against any potential budget-busting behaviour by being strict and sticking to your list.

2. Shop around
It's worth spending some time researching and comparing various brands and prices of the back to school products and services on your shopping list. Pay special attention to refund rights and responsibilities as well - particularly for those bigger, more expensive items, such as laptops and calculators.

3. Shop online
As well as saving you time and parking stress, shopping online provides you with a great opportunity to easily compare products and prices in real time. And there's the added convenience of to-your-door delivery services - if you shop at Officeworks that is!

4. Time is money - make use of any convenient back to school services offered in-store
For many parents, the key goal of the busy back to school period is to get everything done as quickly and as easily as possible. This is where the convenience of pre-packed school kits, book list services and click and collect type offerings come in handy. These services also take the hassle out of negotiating colours, patterns and sticker decorations with your six year old!

5. Join the labelling revolution and save
Once you've hauled your back to school loot home, get the kids busy covering and labelling their new stationery and school supplies. A small outlay of cost and time on protecting and naming folders, exercise books, calculators and the like before school starts, with save a lot on replacing lost and damaged items later on.

Follow these five smart shopping tips from Officeworks this school year and keep your kids and your bank balance happy. For more information on the latest back to school products and services available now at Officeworks, head to or phone 1300 OFFICE (633 423).