Shop 'til you... deliver!

It's official! Pregnancy loosens the purse strings, according to our online survey.

90% of new parents can't resist splashing out on extravagant items such as a designer rocking horse, electric car, antique toy pram and even a new extension for the house!

But aside from the luxuries, how much do new parents really spend in those first few months?

The survey, found that:

  • An average 40% of mums spend between $1000 and $3000 on new baby items.
  • 15% spend $3000 to $5000
  • A smaller but defined number of shopaholics max-out the credit card, spending a whopping $5,000 to $10,000!

Top of the essentials list for baby products was an obvious choice - the cot (61%).

But interestingly, almost 10% of today's modern mum's chose new, easy-to-use gadgets such as nappy wrappers, reassurance monitors and health and safety equipment as their second most essential item, over a baby carrier, rocking chair and even clothes.

Smaller items are also key when buying for baby. The survey found that having the best feeding items, including bottles and teats, is essential for 31% of respondents and creating a stimulating environment with toys and books is also popular, receiving 15% of the vote.

Not all nursery items are bought by mum and dad-to-be though......... The increasing popularity of baby showers means nearly 25% of new nursery items are gifts from family and friends.

For those that opt out of the baby shower craze, a sensible 40% of parents saved throughout the pregnancy, with 10% putting everything on credit!

Our survey also revealed that 100% of participants agreed that gadgets, gifts and other material accessories don't really matter - their favourite part of being a mother is smiles and giggles, cuddles and kisses, watching baby grow, unconditional love, and the spontaneous I love you' - priceless!