Mercedes' fifth month

mercedes and familyI have finally succumbed! I have bought my first lot of maternity clothes. Up until now I had happily squeezed myself into my existing clothes but it has finally become too difficult to hide the fact I can no longer do up zippers and buttons around my expanding girth. So with my husband's words firmly etched in my mind (“what do you expect, you are pregnant!”) I have bitten the bullet. But I am shocked at how expensive maternity clothes are! Considering it is only something I will wear for only a couple of months, I quite resent having to pay close to $100 for a basic t-shirt or top, not to mention tailored pants and jeans. Nevertheless, I splurged on a plain black pair of pants and a couple of tops which I expect will become my second skin between now and D-day.

I have also embraced maternity gadgets! Despite having a textbook pregnancy so far I have a couple of niggles which are making life a little difficult, namely an inability to sleep and painful stretching ligaments around the underside of my tummy and pelvis. I have purchased a belly belt which provides instant support and relief for this discomfort as well as lower back pain which I didn't even know I had! But my new best friend is my body pillow. Our bed has become a little crowded these days with my husband and I, my body pillow, a couple of extra pillows to prevent me rolling onto my back during the night, our cat Cleo and occasionally our five-year-old daughter Ava. Needless to say, with all this paraphanalia, it is next to impossible to roll over at all. I'm not surprised insomnia has become my biggest challenge!

This month my pregnancy has also become cause for embarrasment on several occasions. First of all the continued memory loss. Lets just say both my mother and mother in law each received lovely birthday cards for Mother's Day and my nephew giggled when he opened the card I gave him for his First Holy Comminion to find it had “congratulations on your confirmation” emblazoned across it! As if these stationary faux pas were not bad enough, I sent my friends' little boy a birthday present to Queensland but it arrived via Tasmanaia...I had accidentally written the wrong state on the address label! I'm trying extra hard not to stuff up at work and so far, touch wood, I have managed to keep my professional head above water.

Now to the embarrasing incident on the bus, as it shall be called from now on. Firstly, I admit this is partly my fault for attempting to cover up my pregnancy. I recently hopped on a crowded bus on my way home from work one night. I was wearing loose fitting clothes and a jacket so I guess my tummy was not entirely visible. I moved towards the back of the bus and had to stand, which I didn't really mind. After all, I had been sitting down all day. Halfway through my journey, a girl sitting nearby spies my tummy peaking out through my jacket and discretely asks if I'm pregnant. “yes.” I reply a little embarrased. Well! She turns to a lady sitting behind her with her children and at the top of her voice yells “get your children up and let that poor pregnant lady sit down, she's pregnant you know!” The startled mother immediately moves her children aside to let me sit. Meanwhile, all eyes on me, another couple of people start to shuffle off their seats for me, one poor man dropping his bag and newspaper all over the floor in his haste to vacate his seat. As a result the lady who started this and the mother end up in a very loud, heated argument over the fact the mother did not realise I was pregnant and was not being intentionally rude. I reluctantly sat down next to the mother who had squished her two children onto her lap and prayed for the ground to swallow me up. I have now decided I will display my belly with pride and even flaunt my delicate state to avoid further incident!

Meanwhile our little baby continues to make herself know with constant kicking and turning. One of my favourite pastimes has become lying on the couch with my top pulled up gazing at the unexpected swirls and pokes that emerge from my belly. There's nothing nicer than feeling a little kick or turn, like a little intra-uterine “hi mum.” I'll even forgive her the occasional bladder poke or rib punch to keep feeling that constant reminder that she's there and she's well.

By the end of this month I take great solace in the fact that I'm approaching the final trimester. And while my 'to do' list grows the time I have left to prepare for the arrival of our baby shortens. But for now I think I'll get back to sleep, after all the sun will be up soon!

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Photograph by Chantal Buttini: