Mercedes' seventh month

Mercedes at 6monthsOne of the most exciting things about being pregnant would have to be finishing up at work. You don't realise what this actually means until you reach that last week. Then all of a sudden before you spans days and days of unstructured reality. I had been working two days a week in a city office which meant a one-hour commute on public transport each way. So no one was more pleased when my last day rolled along. The lovely girls in my office took me for a beautiful lunch and I got my first baby pressie. Farewell cold and windy walks to the bus stop, farewell queueing for the bus in the rain, farewell trying to find something which fits and resembles office attire, farewell long, exhausting days...hello couch, television, books, midday baths and days where the furthest I go is the letterbox!

Of course as someone who also works from home, I couldn't shut up shop quite so easily. My white board still had more black ink on it than white from my extensive 'to do' list. But I would get to do these tasks from the warmth and comfort of my own home, a much more attractive option. And then there's the fact that there is still a five-year-old to manage and a home to prepare for a new baby.

So far I have made no preparations for this new baby. So this is one of the first jobs I will tackle now that I have some extra time. We have decided the baby will sleep in our bedroom in a bassinette for the first few months. Which means we don't need to make any real changes to Ava's bedroom yet – much to her delight! The change table will also live temporarily in our room. Which really just leaves the clothes for now.

I was not prepared for the nostalgia of bringing out all of Ava's newborn babywear from where it has lived in storage for five years under her bed. Each little outfit I pulled out had a special memory and I spent more time reminiscing than I did creating piles for the laundry! A few days later though, half of Ava's cupboard was once again filled with the tiny clothes she once wore. I just had to keep reminding her they were not there for the benefit of her dolls!

I'm feeling a little guilty that we have not bought this baby anything new. It will be living in a hand-me-down world possibly until she leaves home! So, filled with guilt I venture out to buy her a couple of new outfits and come home with just four Bonds singlets. I just can't see the sense in spending money on something we already have in adundance! I guess hand-me-downs are the plot of the second and subsequent children.

I have come to terms a little bit more with the fact I will be having my baby in another hospital to the one I initially intended. I go along for my first antenatal appointment at this new hospital the day after all the maternity patients and staff have transferred over from my first-choice hospital. There seems to be a feeling or organised chaos in the waiting room. Midwives are ploughing through files pilled high on all available bench space, phones are ringing all over the place, expectant mothers are trying to look unconcerned as they patiently wait for their names to be called and tradesmen flit in and out measuring floorspace for new carpet...surely that's a good thing??

But when I am called in to see the midwife I am allayed with a sense that everything is going to be okay. My very first question is not about the state of my unborn baby but the room situation. I am quickly reassured there will be no more than two mothers per room and C-section patients and mothers of multiples will be given preference over single rooms. Phew! Gone are the agonising images of dormitory-style sleeping quarters with screaming newborns. This may not be so bad after all!!

On to more serious matters though, the baby is still in a breech position, which doesn't really concern me as I'm having a C-section anyway. She has a good, strong heartbeat and appears to be the right size for her gestational age – she really is very clever, I think!

Although baby issues seem to dominate in our home at the moment, the all-important task of enrolling Ava in big school next year hits the spotlight. Although I am not allowing myself to think too much about the fact I am soon to lose my little girl to full-time schooling, we have decided Ava will go to the local catholic school. An easy enough decision, but I wasn't prepared for all the hoop-jumping involved! Surely when I was a child, my parents just popped down to the local catholic school and put my name down? Not so anymore. We attended an open day at the school and were given the enrollment forms – eight pages which had to be filled out and returned with appropriate documents etc. Next stage was a formal interview in front of a “panel” including the parish priest, principal and representative of the parents committee. I hope they haven't noticed our absence at church!! And finally Ava had to undergo an assessment with an early childhood specialist. By the end of the process I was exhausted and home schooling was looking good. We were told we had a good chance of getting into the school but formal letters would be sent out in due course. So now we wait!

It all seems to be a waiting game at the moment: I wait for each week to pass which marks an important gestational milestone for the baby, I wait for the hours to flick past as I still lie awake unable to sleep properly at night, I wait to be given a delivery date for the baby, I wait to hear back from Ava's intended primary school...waiting, waiting...

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