Celebrate pregnancy


Many of the celebrations for pregnant women today offer little more than an afternoon of games, cake (not that there's anything wrong with cake!) and a whole lot of newborn baby clothes.

Here you will find out how to celebrate by pampering the mum to be...

Kat Skarbek, the Head Honcho of a company called The Divine Feminine, offers today’s Modern Goddess something different - Mother Showers that are filled with fun, laughter and spiritual nourishment that celebrate impending motherhood. “Our Mother Showers are all about nurturing and pampering the mother-to-be rather than focusing soley on the baby,” she says. “Babies never go without attention but mums often do!”

“When I was pregnant, I wanted to do something to celebrate the upcoming birth of my daughter and to help me prepare for her birth. Pregnancy is a life-changing transition. I wanted something that acknowledged and celebrated that and left me with more from the experience than just a baby’s layette,” said Kat.

Kat really wanted to provide an opportunity for pregnant women to really celebrate their pregnancy and prepare for birthing and motherhood with a beautiful, playful afternoon.

Kat’s Mother Showers take place in a sumptuous red bedouin tent that is created in the home of the mother-to-be or a friend. Soft cushions, candlelight, incense and aromatherapy oils combine to create a magical atmosphere where the mother-to-be and her friends gather to playfully celebrate her pregnancy.

As each pregnancy is different, there’s a variety of celebratory activities to choose from depending on how playful, creative or spiritual the women would like their Mother Shower to be.

Activities can include:

  • A revitalising footbath and foot massage using aromatherapy oils blended specifically for pregnant women
  • Creating a beautiful labour charm necklace or bracelet containing blessings for the birth
  • Having the preggy belly blessed and decorated with gorgeous henna designs or body paints
  • Making or painting and decorating a bellycast *
  • Belly dancing
  • They can even release their fears about birth and motherhood with a potent Fire Releasing Ceremony
“Many women love creating the labour necklace or bracelet,” says Kat. “The women in the group all bring a bead or charm and offer a blessing for the birth. Some wish the mum-to-be a healthy child while another might wish her to have the strongest drugs and a pain-free labour!”

At the end of the ceremony each guest is given a labour candle to light and an affirmation to read out when their friend goes into labour, so she knows they’ll all be with her in spirit during the birth.


“I absolutely loved my mother shower,” says new mum, Alicia Johns. “I really felt like a goddess for the day and having the support of the women in my life made me less afraid of the actual labour. It was actually quite moving but also lots of fun.”

The Divine Feminine Mother Shower costs around $55/head for a minimum of eight people. (* Bellycasts extra $95.) Visit www.thedivinefeminine.com.au or call 0439 636 958 to find out more.